Welcome from our Founder

It brings me great pleasure to welcome you to Her Bride His Groom.

The concept behind Her Bride His Groom was born when I discovered the absence of a high quality online wedding resource for same sex couples. I have sadly heard all too often of same sex couples being turned away by suppliers due to the nature of their special day. This site aims to take any stress and angst out of the planning process; giving you the opportunity to enjoy one of the greatest moments in life.

In 2014, a survey conducted by leading Australian research company, Crosby Textor, showed that support for marriage equality is at its highest level ever at 72%. With support constantly growing and growing, we are well on our way to an equal Australia. We are passionate advocates for marriage equality in Australia, and we aim to provide much needed support to the cause.

Having worked within the event industry for going on eight years, I developed a love for weddings and the pure joy that they bring to people. I have been both a groomsman and a bridesman, a wedding coordinator, a chauffeur, an emcee, a wedding singer, an invite designer, and fingers crossed, one day a groom (once I find him in my deck of Tinder cards!)

I am a creative being at heart, and I have worked with the website developers through every step of the creative process, fine tuning every small detail to ensure that the end result is perfect. Apologies to our developers who had to field email spam from me on a daily basis! However, as a result, we have built a product that we are all very proud of, and we are so pleased to be able to share our hard work with an engaging audience.

Our mission is to help same sex couples share their love and commitment to each other with those nearest and dearest to them, so please, let us help you, commit to love.


With love,

Sam Meathrel
Founder & Director
Her Bride His Groom