14 Gorgeous First Look Photos
Gay Wedding Bride 1. Shh don't tell him I'm coming! 
Gay Wedding First Look 2. We think it's love.
Gay Wedding Photo 3. Tears of joy.
Gay Wedding First Look 4. We are starting to see a common theme here...
Wedding First Look 5. A staged first look photo growing in popularity.
Wedding First Look 6. We'd react like this too if our signficiant other looked this stunning!
Gay Groom 7. Pure love in his eyes.
Gay Groom 8. Our tears are flowing too!
Wedding First Look 9. Gorgeous.
Gay Groom 10. Pure happiness and joy on this Groom's face!
First Look Wedding 11. That dress is absolutely stunning!
Gay Groom 12. His partner must be dancing down the aisle!
First Look Wedding 13. We love a man with a cute smile.
Wedding First Look 14. And we saved our favourite for last!