A Paris Proposal

Last week we sat down with young couple Adam and David to chat about their recent Paris engagement. David is a Creative Director and runs a cinematography business focusing on weddings and corporate clients, so he is no stranger to the wedding world! Adam works in Marketing and as a Retail Manager and first tells us about how they met.

A |  We met through friends in early 2013 and stayed in touch from there. There was always a connection between us but the timing was never right, however we did establish a strong friendship.

HBHG | Was there ever a traditional first date?

A | Yes! I had just moved back to Adelaide after a years stint in regional SA for work. David was expanding his business and moving into a new office. We spoke nearly every day as friends, even though we hadn't seen each other in about 18 months. Within my first week back I think I asked him out for coffee. We both actually ran really late to the date, and I remember a white Volkswagen cutting me off and stealing my park. I was super peeved about it, knowing I would be even later to this date! Call it fate, but it was David. Once we sat down together and got to spend some quality time, face to face, I think we both knew we'd landed on something special.

HBHG | Sounds a bit cheeky to me!

A | Yes well David is often rushing! I am forever finding his espresso cups around the house once he's left.

HBHG | Ever found an espresso cup left in an odd place?

A | Sadly the most frequent is in the shower on the shelf.

HBHG | I fear we are ganging up on David slightly here! David, any of Adam’s quirks you would like to chip in with?

D | Adam is such an animal person and I'm often the last one to bed, so I'm forced to navigate around him, the cat and our dog Harry. Despite the agreement of no animals in the bedrooms, they somehow end up with Adam. 

HBHG | Lucky for you there were no pets on your Europe trip! Tell us about how your holiday came about.

A | David was constantly going on about us doing a Europe trip and I kept shutting the idea down. I couldn't see how we could possibly find the time to go. One morning at work I got an email offer for ridiculously cheap flights to Europe. I remember calling David at 6.00am in the morning, waking him up to tell him the offer. Within 5 minutes the flights were booked! The rest came about by prioritising what countries we wanted to see most and monuments we wanted to tick off our bucket list.

HBHG | David, this obviously then lead to thoughts about proposing? How did you know Adam was the one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?

D | As the old saying goes, when you know, you know. But it was a lot more than that. I'm a very family orientated guy. My family are my world and Adam fits right in, he's always been a part of it. The bonds he's formed with my parents and my sister has been really amazing. I must say it's not an easy task to come into a large and loud Italian family but Adam has done so well. He's smart and funny and not afraid to strike up a conversation with anyone, even my grandparents who speak little English. When he smiles, he makes me the happiest man in the world and that's why I want to marry him.

HBHG | How soon did you know you wanted to propose while on your trip?

D | Proposing on the holiday, to me, meant sharing that moment together, just the two of us. I couldn't have thought of anything more perfect than proposing in Paris and I knew, well, I hoped he would love it, and say yes!

HBHG | And he did! Adam were you suspecting it?

A | A good friend of mine had mentioned that she thought he might do it, and I said there was no way. I actually packed everything for us, so I knew nothing could've been hidden. Little did I know at the bottom of the backpack David brought along there was a secret compartment.

HBHG | How did David propose?

A | We were on a river cruise underneath the Eiffel Tower having dinner when he popped that little blue box out of his pocket. He was so casual about it! It totally caught me off guard.

HBHG | It sounds like it couldn’t have been more perfect!

A | It really was.

HBHG | What were some other highlights from your trip?

D | We really loved Spain and would probably say that was our favourite part of the trip, but being from an Italian family I also really loved Venice. Everything about it was perfect and just like I had imagined. Adam has a major fear of heights but he managed to suck it up and spend a day up on the Swiss Alps.

A | It was such an incredible, albeit freezing, experience!

HBHG | So have any wedding plans been put into motion yet?

A | So far we’ve planned our engagement party which we’re having in Spring. We've planned to have an early 2018 wedding so all of our friends and family can attend. Our style is pretty earthy, vintage and classical so we're trying to incorporate these elements into our plans.

D | We've also selected our bridal party to help and support us on the big day. We've got a party of eleven! A Maid of Honour, three Groomsmaids, four Men of Honour, a Flower Girl and two Page Boys.

HBHG | Sounds like you’re both all over it! When you’ve got a big Italian family to include I’m sure there’s not much room for error! Thanks for chatting with us today.

Photography by David & Adam
Adam’s ring by Tiffany & Co
David’s ring by Clarke the Jeweller


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