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Cindy WestphalenWedding cateringCindy WestphalenGay weddingHello everyone here at Her Bride His Groom! I’m Cindy Westphalen from Cindy’s Classic Gourmet, and it is a pleasure to be here to chat with you twice a month about two of my favourite topics – cooking and weddings.

I must first say a big thank you to Sam (HBHG Founder) for allowing me to share my insights on the platform of his beautiful website. Sam is such a positive, happy, inspiring person, and the two of us share the blessing/curse of having a mind running full speed around the clock with new ideas and opportunities, so I know we’ll get on famously as we work together into the future.

And that is, after all, why we’re here – the future. You’re here because you’re about to plan one of the most important days of your life, and embark on the first step into a future with the one perfect person for you in this world. I’m here because I love everything about weddings, I always have, from the first time I was a bridesmaid for my Aunty when I was six years old. It is this deep love of weddings that makes me so good at my job. That’s not me bragging, because I know I’m not the best chef in the world. However, I do hold myself and my staff to the highest standard when we are catering and planning your event, because when you are working on an event as important as a wedding, close enough is NEVER good enough.

I’m at your wedding to make sure you and your new husband or wife come away with only the best memories. You can read more about my profile and experience here, but as we all know, word of mouth is the best recommendation, and that’s why I’m so proud to have been recognised in the bride and groom voted Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA) Awards since 2001, by hundreds of happy couples. I have also been named as the Number 1 Caterer in Australia in the ABIA Designer of Dreams Awards in 2015 and 2016.

Every two weeks I’ll share a new post with you on a range of wedding catering topics, from choosing menu styles and managing dietary requirements, to stress-free wedding planning for you and a look back on some disasters I’ve averted in almost 30 years behind the scenes of weddings. My first tip – never let the special couple know something has gone wrong…just FIX IT!

If there’s a topic you’d like me to address in a blog post, just email me and Sam and I will do our best to include your question in our series.

Until next time,

Cindy's Classic Gourmet