Cocktail Chronicles - Ginger Gin & Cucumber Pops

Okay okay, so technically not a cocktail, but given the heat that has hit our lovely country the last week, I thought it would be very fitting to bring you one of my favourite ice blocks. This recipe is so refreshing and perfect for sitting around the pool!

1 large cucumber, peeled with seeds removed
Juice of 2 limes (although I can't say my baby lime trees have handled the heat very well this week!)
60ml (2 shots) sugar syrup (buy from Dan Murphy's or boil up a cup of caster sugar in a cup of water then let cool)
60ml Hendricks Gin (or 90ml, or 120ml because....why not?)
250ml Bundaberg Ginger Beer

1. Dig out the blender from the back of the cupboard (I know you're all using your Nutribullets these days)
2. Blend cucumber, lime juice, sugar syrup and gin until mixture is smooth
3. Add ginger beer and blend quickly to mix
4. Pour mixture nearly all the way to the top of the ice block moulds (makes about eight!)
5. Put in freezer for about an hour, then put in the pop stick and freeze overnight

You will be the host/hostess with the most/mostest with these at your next party!

With Love,

Samuel is the Founder & Director of Her Bride His Groom, and also a cocktail lover.

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Ginger Gin Cucumber Ice Blocks

Ginger Gin Cucumber Ice BlocksGinger Gin Cucumber Ice BlocksGinger Gin Cucumber Ice BlocksGinger Gin Cucumber Ice BlocksGinger Gin Cucumber Ice Blocks