Cocktail Chronicles with our founder

Have you ever seen the TV show Flipping Out? While I can totally recognise that Jeff Lewis, the gay man who's life is portrayed in the show, is outrageously obnoxious (albeit hilarious), I also note that him and his staff finish every day with a round of cocktails. EVERY day is Friday in Jeff Lewis' office! What's not to love about that? I myself am not a daily drinker, so I thought it would be best to bring to you a dose of my favourite cocktails for your Friday night drinks.

I'm kicking off our first Cocktail Chronicles with the AMAZING Limoncello, Raspberry & Prosecco Spritz. This is just so damn refreshing, and would be an excellent addition to your Summer Wedding menu!

Limoncello, Raspberry & Prosecco Spritz

2x 750ml Bottles of chilled Adelaide Hills Artwine Prosecco (1 bottle for the Spritz, the other for drinking while you're making the Spritz)
4x Standard 30ml shots of Limoncello Liqueur
1x Punnet of fresh raspberries
Handful of fresh mint

1. Pop the raspberries in the freezer overnight
2. Chill four cocktail/wine/champagne glasses for at least 15 minutes
3. Remove glasses and fill with 30mls of limoncello per glass
4. Top with prosecco
5. Finish off with fresh mint leaves and frozen raspberries

That's it! Super simple and oh so delicious. Looking forward to taste testing my favourite cocktails for next week's feature! See you then!

With Love,

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Limoncello Prosecco and RaspberryLimoncello Prosecco and RaspberryLimoncello Prosecco and RaspberryLimoncello Prosecco and Raspberry