From the Founder - The Rise of the Unplugged Wedding!

We've all seen it; the music starts playing, everyone stands up, the first flower girl walks down the aisle and all of a sudden, every second guest is holding up their iPhone ready to capture the ceremony in all of its glory. I've even seen Grandma sitting there trying frantically to unlock her iPad and failing miserably at it, only to have to actually watch the ceremony through her pair of glasses reminiscent of Dame Edna's famous wings.

You'll never catch me with my phone out at a wedding ceremony. I'm the person who actually turns their phone off when the celebrant requests it, too fearful that the one time "silent" fails me will be in the middle of someone's special moment. It seems that we've reached a point where a few Instagram likes are more important than sharing in what should be a really special and heart-warming moment. If you've been lucky enough to score an invite to your friend or family member's nuptials, then you should have the respect to hide the phone until the conclusion of the ceremony.

You might have come across a viral Facebook post from NSW based wedding photographer Thomas Stewart Photography, who went on a completely understandable rant on why phones should be banned from wedding ceremonies. His main points included; phone and camera addicted guests will get in both your way and your photographers way, completely affecting the quality of the professional shots, "the guests' photos are usually crap", and lastly, how would you feel standing at the alter and looking back to a sea of phones and not loved ones faces? The photo at the top of this feature says it all, the Groom had to lean out past the aisle just to catch a glimpse through all of the "tech heads" of his significant other approaching.

I am hearing more and more of the rise of unplugged weddings. Yes this may frustrate Grandma in her Dame Edna glasses and @gurlfashunblogr but you've got to remember you're not there to impress 20,000 random Instagram followers you've never and will never meet. This is why I'm all for a phone free wedding ceremony. Receptions on the other hand, I have a different opinion. I'm that annoying guest who pulls the Bride aside for a Snapchat face swap, only to have to give up because the tea light candles don't provide enough light. On the chance that it works perfectly, I swear the Bride's love seeing it on their Facebook wall the next day...

You can read Thomas' full Facebook rant here, and be sure to check out our feature later this week which includes some top tips on how to request and enforce an unplugged wedding!

With Love,

Samuel Meathrel is the Founder and Director of Her Bride His Groom. Tune in weekly for Samuel's take on the wonderful world of weddings!