Overseas same-sex marriages now recognised in SA

Legislation to allow same-sex couples to have their relationships legally recognised has been passed in South Australian parliament this week.

The Relationships Register Bill allows SA to recognise overseas same-sex marriages using an official register. The issue has been heavily covered in the media recently after the husband of British man Marco Bulmber-Rizzi passed away while they were on their honeymoon in Australia. Authorities in SA informed him that his partner David’s death certificate would read “never married” because the state did not recognise their relationship.

Last week, Premier Jay Weatherill issued a formal apology to SA’s LGBTIQ community in regards to discrimination and to “right many of the wrongs of the past”.

Same-sex marriages are already recognised in Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

In light of this, South Australia has today also passed the New Adoption Act, where same-sex couples will be legally able to adopt children.

SA Education and Child Development Minister Susan Close said, “There are same-sex couples who are absolutely dedicated to being brilliant parents and there are heterosexual couples who are, frankly, awful parents. The main criteria for being a successful parent is really wanting to have a child and wanting to do the best for that child. Anything else is really a secondary consideration”.


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