Top 5 Most Memorable TV Gay & Lesbian Weddings
Mitch & Cam Gay Wedding 
1. Mitch & Cam, Modern Family
Who doesn't love the dynamic of Mitch and Cam on Modern Family? The boys were married in a two part final episode of the fifth season of the show. In true Modern Family form, the wedding day is full of hiccups, including the dry cleaners delivering the wrong tux for Cam, wild fires blazing nearby causing the wedding to be brought forward four hours and then eventually being evacuated at the request of the hunky firemen. In the end, Mitch and Cam are married by Phil at the local country club.
Gay Wedding  2. Craig & Andy, Married At First Sight
This one makes the most memorable list because of the controversy surrounding the non legally binding marriage in New Zealand. Craig says that he participated in the experiment to find the man of his dreams, and not for 15 minutes of fame like the media and Australian people are suggesting. While the ceremony itself went almost without a hitch (the celebrant famously mixed the boy's names up), the reception certainly was not without some fireworks! We assume the producers chose to include a gay wedding to combat the backlash surrounding the entire concept of the show, however, we are not so sure how successful that was!
Lesbian Wedding  3. Susan & Carol, Friends
You might not know who Susan and Carol are initially, but you will remember Carol as Ross's ex wife. At the time the episode was aired in 1996, same sex marriage was not legal anywhere in the world, causing much controversy and some NBC affiliates to not air the show. While Ross was initially apprehensive to see his ex wife remarry, he ends up being the one to encourage her to go ahead with the ceremony, despite the backlash from her new parents in law. What makes this union memorable is that it was the first lesbian wedding to be portrayed on mainstream TV.
 Gay Wedding

4. David & Keith, Six Feet Under
While this one only lasted a matter of seconds, we thought we would include this powerful season finale that everyone can remember. Set to the scene of Sia's Breathe Me, it's hard to hold back tears as we watch the flash forward of where our favourite characters lives end up. The wedding is a beautiful scene, as we watch David and Keith share their first kiss as husband and husband in front of their friends and family.

Lesbian Wedding Glee Gay Wedding Glee 5. Kurt & Blaine, Brittany & Santana, Glee
Okay okay, we understand that this is technically six memorable weddings, but who can forget our musical theatre loving friends from Glee who all married in the same episode? After some hesitation, Kurt and Blaine agree to be married alongside Brittany and Santana, even though they only just rekindled their love minutes before. The group have a shared exchange of vows, and are then married, finishing with a group rendition of 'Our Day Will Come' by Ruby and the Romantics.