We ask the experts their favourite first dance songs!

We know that choosing your first dance song can be tricky, so we asked some of our favourite musicians from Event Entertainers for some of their favourites!

Lauren Azar

A soulful pop singer who has been entertaining professionally for various venues, corporate events and weddings for the last ten years. Lauren is perfectly suited for wedding ceremonies or any moment where a soulful singer is required to capture the class and ambience of your wedding day!

‘’My choice would be ‘When We Were Young’ by Adele. Connecting in that moment of a first dance, you hope it to last forever and lyrically, this conveys that in a beautiful way.

I played it for a first dance and it was almost as if time stood still and everybody was watching the couple, entranced by them swaying and swirling. That look in their eyes was priceless. I also LOVE interpreting this song. To sing it is a joy.’’

Katie-Elle Reeve from Soirée
Soirée is a stylish and unique band featuring Katie-Elle Reeve. From bespoke boutique to corporate class, Soirée features a selection of Sydney's finest musicians committed to creating the perfect atmosphere for your event.

"My favourite first dance song is one close to my heart because it was my first dance song choice when I married my love in March! L-O-V-E, the Natalie Cole version of the jazz standard, is upbeat, happy, positive, darn-cute, a little old-fashioned and traditional (as weddings tend to be!), easy to listen to and wonderful to dance to! It appeals to a wide-range of tastes, is very catchy and is a great opener for a killer dance set to follow! It's also one of my favourite songs to sing!"

Luke Zanc from the Luke Zanc Trio
Creating a unique spin on classic tunes, Luke Zanc is an individual amongst a city saturated with singers. "Feeling Good" and "Great Vibes" is what its all about. From beautiful ceremonies in Berry, amazing wedding receptions in Port Stephens or corporate events in Sydney City Venues, Luke has a rare ability to remain true to his style and sound whilst being versatile and appropriate to each occasion.

‘’My favourite song to perform at a ceremony would have to be ‘Take the World’ by Johnnyswim. It isn’t a very well known song and that is part of the appeal. It is lyrically gorgeous and has a beautiful melody that I love to sing. I feel like it is a hidden gem and it is in the running to be my own first dance song. I strongly recommend people check it out!’’