Pillar of Salt Event Catering - by Jonno & Heidi

Food in all its facets is the passion of Jonathan Johnston and Heidi Perrins. It is with this in mind that we present Pillar of Salt Event Catering.

Established in 2016, the business has continued to have exceptional growth which Jonno and Heidi put down to the highest quality food, a superior level of service and value.

Specialising in private events catered to specific needs such as weddings, Pillar of Salt Event Catering can't wait to assist in making your special day just that! Attention to detail is always given to make sure the menu complements the happy couple as much as everything else on the day. Food is personality, and that personality always shines on the plate.

Providing receptions catered to sit down, cocktail and buffet spreads, Pillar of Salt Event Catering offer wonderful service staff to ease the pressures of the day.