Jo Mooney Celebrant

Your Wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life.
You want a Ceremony that reflects just that.
I am a Full-Time Celebrant.I believe in same sex marriage - or as I call it, Marriage.
I would love to meet you to chat about your ideas for the day.
I support same sex Marriage. “I believe that love between two people is more important than their gender”
I have performed several Commitment Ceremonies; and would be honored to perform yours.
As part of my commitment as your Celebrant I bring for you:
Examples of some Wedding Vows to help you get started.
The order of a Traditional Ceremony to help you with some ideas.
As many e-mails-phone calls and meetings you require.
A “dress rehearsal” closer to your special day.
Your Legal Wedding Certificate in Calligraphy.
A professional PA system with music of your choice.
Public Insurance.
Your Wedding Album with your wording and memories; this will help you re-live the moment year after year.
If needed, a table and chairs for signing.
I will be there on the day one hour prior to your Ceremony; to ensure everything is exactly as you want it.