Viva Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

Congratulations! You have met the love of your life and now want to make if official, proclaim it to the world and have a party right? Awesome! My name is Mandi and apart from being a celebrant, I also run a leading accredited travel company specialising in romance travel, be it a destination wedding or a honeymoon. And the best bit..We are in partnership with the resorts and suppliers, so our prices are the same as dealing directly with them, and the price we quote is the price, we do not charge any additional fees.

With our vast experience, and our valuable partnerships (and friends), means together we can work with you to create a wedding or honeymoon as unforgettable as your love. Putting together a destination wedding or honeymoon can be difficult without professional help. After all, it is an investment, and you wouldn’t trust any other investment with anyone that wasn’t an expert! This is your special holiday and I am sure you don’t want to leave it all to chance!

What does it cost?
As a professional destination wedding/honeymoon travel expert, we are often asked if we cost more. The answer to that question is simple. No, we don’t!

How do we create a great experience for you?
It is a holistic approach, which means that we can assist with every aspect, from the travel side, flights, accommodation, tours etc, plus if you are having a destination wedding, we do that for you too. If you are going with 50 of your besties, we handle groups with ease, so we can also arrange all their travel, negotiate group deals and look after everyone to make sure they ALL have a great time!