Sara Hannagan Photography

I'm a wedding photographer who tells stories through natural, emotive imagery for all couples in love.

I hope for a world where there is no such thing as coming out because it doesn’t matter what gender your partner is, where everyone has the right to marry who they love, and where a wedding between two men or two women is just called a wedding.

Your wedding day is one of the most important chapters in your story. A significant day for you and your loved ones. The people who have been an integral part of your life. It’s filled with anticipation, excitement, joy, love and even tears with every wedding being unique. You can’t slow down, stop or rewind time – but photography allows you to relive that special moment.

My images capture the beauty, love and excitement of your wedding day but most importantly they remind you of how you felt.

I'm based in Perth, Australia. Available worldwide. For details regarding engagement and wedding photography packages please get in touch.