A Certain Celebration

I really love being a Marriage Celebrant; I have met some amazing people and had the privilege of officiating at many wonderful and varied ceremonies - some simply elegant, some steeped in ritual and some quirky! They have been just as the couple wanted them to be! Lovely occasions where excitement, smiles, laughter and emotions came naturally, from the heart.

Seeing people happy – it’s just fabulous! Whether you would like an elegantly simple ceremony, one steeped in ritual and tradition, a surprise (for your guests!), or something very different; from the start and all the way through… The focus is on you – this is your day!

Please feel very, very welcome to contact me for an obligation free meeting; I would love to hear your thoughts and dreams of what you have in mind for your ceremony. If you would like me to be your Celebrant after that, we can lock in your date and take it from there! I would love to design a ceremony that is just right for you!