Rings & Accessories

Utopian Creations began its life in 2005 when Ben returned to Australia after working in the jewellery trade in London. We were the first business in Australia to tackle the issues of ethicacy and sustainability in the jewellery industry by producing all our jewellery collections from ethically sourced materials. We are members of numerous organizations committed to creating beautiful jewellery without causing environmental and social harm and are part of an international community of like minded designers and jewellers in constant communication, sharing knowledge. We only use 100% recycled and Fair-Trade metals in the production of our jewellery.

We go beyond the Kimberly Process to only source stones where we can be guaranteed traceability back to the mine. We have a huge selection of the best Australian Sapphires as well as Australian and Canadian diamonds. We can source any stone that you have your heart set on. Custom engagement and wedding rings are our speciality.

Our fully qualified jewellery designer will work with you throughout the design process to bring your ideas to life. Our bricks and mortar store is located in Adelaide but we design for customers all over Australia. In fact most of our custom designs are for interstate customers. We do this via email, phone or Skype.

If you are unsure about choosing a design for your partner, a good option is the proposal ring. This gives you the option of proposing with a stand in ring with the intention of designing your forever ring(s) together, as a couple. The above rings are just a small selection of the custom engagement and wedding rings that we have designed and made for our same sex customers. Visit our website for rings available to purchase and view our gallery of custom made rings.